Our Organization

Housing & Hospitality Services employs a staff of about 2,600 team members and in 2013-14 brought in approximately $240 million in revenues to the University. The department is comprised of several operational and support units under the direction of Assistant Vice Chancellor Peter Angelis.

Hospitality Operations

Student Operations

  • Dining Services
  • Housing Services
  • Rooms Division
  • University Apartments
  • Vending Services

Support Units

  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Project Management (Architectural Design, Renovations, & Construction)
  • Organizational Planning, Performance & Development
  • Budget & Financial Planning
  • Physical Plant Management (Maintenance)

Team Members

Of approximately 2,600 team members employed by H&HS in FY 2013-14, the largest number worked in Dining Services (44%) and Rooms Division (24%).

Mentoring Program mentors and mentees

H&HS Mentoring Program mentors and mentees

Team members volunteering at the L.A. Food Bank

H&HS team members volunteering at the L.A. Food Bank

Our Mission

We support the teaching, research, and public service mission of UCLA by delivering to our guests a wide array of quality services, products, and programs that meet or exceed their expectations.

Who are our guests? They are the more than 20,000 students we house in our on-campus housing facilities and off-campus university apartments. They are the people who attend summer conferences and meetings year-round in our facilities. They are faculty, researchers, and their colleagues who collaborate at events in the meeting venues we manage. They are visitors who stay at UCLA's campus hotel, dine in residential restaurants, and enjoy the facilities and grounds that our team maintains.

Supporting this mission is commitment to UCLA's True Bruin Values – from individual team members who demonstrate these values in their work every day, to leaders who incorporate them into the way we do things as an organization. These five values are:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Service

Our Vision

The vision of H&HS is Hospitality First! This vision places the concept of hospitality–warm, gracious service – at the core of our organization's culture. Hospitality First! also expresses our main organizational aspiration – to be an industry leader in implementing new and innovative, high-quality services and programs. Just as UCLA competes nationally and internationally in academics, research, and athletics – the H&HS Team competes to provide facilities and services of the highest quality and value of any University.

How We Define Success

Satisfied Customers
Ensure that our guests are delighted with our service

Satisfied Team Members
Recognize our team members for their contributions and dedication, and provide opportunities for learning and development

Innovation and Growth
Encourage and facilitate team member efforts to constantly improve how we do things and to expand our capabilities

Improved Business Processes
Ensure the best service and value for our guests

Sound Financial Management
Remain financially responsible at all times

Social Responsibility
Be socially aware and make a difference in our community

Chef Kevin Aiello instructing Dining Services team members

Chef Kevin Aiello instructing Dining Services team members

Housing Services displaying their UCLA True Bruin pride

Housing Services displaying their UCLA True Bruin pride